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Everything You Want to Know About Hockey


As a "new" hockey parent, we know you have a lot of questions, and we'll answer those below.

When joining any organization it's important to know what that organization is all about. Let us introduce ourselves....

Our Mission

The Monroe Youth Hockey Association (MYHA) was organized to empower and inspire young athletes through hockey, fostering their growth, teamwork, and character. We provide a safe, inclusive environment that promotes skill development, sportsmanship, competition and a lifelong love for the game. Our focus is on values, dedication, and fun, creating well-rounded individuals who excel on the ice and in their communities.

Our Vision

Develop lifelong opportunities to love hockey for all athletes, families, coaches and officials in a positive culture of cooperation and teamwork.


We will act ethically and fairly, showing respect for all, pursuing excellence, and will be team-oriented while focusing on the enjoyment of the game.


Now that you know a little about us...let's get to your questions

Once a youngster has expressed his or her desire to play ice hockey, many parents wonder where do they start? (all words in blue are linked to the corresponding website for easy navigation.) 

First and most important - registration

Try Hockey for Free - This will give your child the opportunity to try hockey in a controlled environment under the guidance of experienced coaches. 


If your child is 8 or younger (born 2015 to 2020), register here for our Try Hockey For Free program. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click register now
  3. In "Participating Rinks" section, enter 53566 for zip code
  4. Click on the USA Hockey location icon which will then show "Rink: Stateline Ice & Community Expo"
  5. Click the blue Register button and complete registration
  6. Once you are registered (within a day or two), you will receive an email from Monroe Youth Hockey Association with details.

If your child is 9 or older (born 2014 or before), register here and check the box for “Try Hockey for Free” and complete registration. You will not be charged at the end. 

Regardless of which way you register, your player will be invited to attend 3 Saturdays beginning Oct 21 and ending with the national Try Hockey for Free day Nov 4.

There will be options to continue to learn to play hockey after the Try Hockey for Free session is over.  This will be different depending on age of the player, so your coach will let you know all your options.

What gear does my child need?

For first year players, MYHA provides all equipment including: helmets, breezers (pants), chest pads, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, socks, practice jersey, stick, ice skates and equipment bag. It is your responsibility to provide mouth guards, pelvic protector, skate sharpening and replacement laces if needed. All equipment must be returned at the end of the season.

How much does hockey cost?

The season fee will vary depending on the player's age and what program they participate in. MYHA’s fees can be found here.  As the player moves up through the levels, the price will increase. 

If your child decides to join a team (from U6 to U14) after the Try Hockey for Free session is complete, the coach or hockey development director will let you know what your fees will be (will depend on team placement.)

MYHA participates in fundraising events each season which can reduce the amount that you pay for fees, especially the Shop with Scrip program.  

What are the age groups?

In Monroe, we have youth hockey teams for players age 6 to 14 for boys and girls. With an organization's approval, a 4 or 5 yr old player may be able to participate based on their skill and comfort on the ice. Once your child is in High School we have WIAA co-op teams for both girls and boys.  

We do not have separate girls teams in Monroe, but girls do have the option of double-rostering on an MYHA team and also a (girls only) Jr. Fury team out of Janesville if they choose.

Youth Teams

8 & Under - 6 to 8 yrs old
10U (Squirt) - 9 & 10 yrs old
12U (Peewee) - 11 & 12 yrs old
14U (Bantam) - 13 & 14 yrs old
Boys High School Co-op
Girls High School Co-op

How often will my child have practices and games?

The number of practices and games depends on the program your child is registered for. Players in MYHA’s 8U Full Season program can expect (2) 60 min on-ice practices plus 1 or 2 games on the weekend.

As a player moves up through the age brackets, you can expect the on and off-ice sessions to increase. Please see the practice schedule for all ages here. Beginning at U10 and older, you can expect 3-4 tournament weekends plus 2-3 games on the non-tournament weekends.

Where can parents learn about hockey & rules?

USA Hockey publishes The Official Rules of Ice Hockey, which includes playing rules, interpretations, referee signals and detailed rink descriptions. Here is a brief summary of the ADM model (American Development Model for 8U.)

We will have a parent's meeting at the beginning of the season. Ask questions at the meeting or make arrangements to chat with the coach or a board member at any time. 

What do other parents say?

Here is a great article from USA Hockey who collected advice from other hockey families to help you get started, but very simply, "It's the greatest sport on earth."

More questions? 

Visit our website and/or read our Parent Handbook 

Still more questions? 

Call or text 608-325-7465 or email and a board member will get back to you as soon as possible.